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Below, you'll find information that will help you get to know me better - from awards and credentials I've achieved, to references from past clients.


I consider the satisfaction of my clients to be my greatest achievement, and take pride in my high volume of repeat business and referrals.

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Extremely knowledgeable and willing to share this knowledge

The thought of purchasing our first home was overwhelming and daunting!
We were so excited to finally take the plunge, but we didn't know where
to start or what to look for. After meeting with Ed Tracy we started to
feel more comfortable knowing that we had someone like Ed looking out
for us! He was extremely knowledgeable and willing to share this
knowledge with us. We really enjoyed viewing the homes with Ed because
he pointed out things that we didn't think of ourselves, and was sure to
keep us on track! Ed Tracy acted in a professional, prompt and honest
manner during our business with him and he really helped alleviate our
stress about purchasing our first home. We are now proud new home
owners of the perfect home for us! Thank you so much Ed! We appreciate
all that you did for us during our journey to buy our first home!


Natasha & Ryan Marchant

My home was sold in a very short period of time!

Considering the large number of very positive testimonials on Ed Tracy's
real estate web site, it might seem superfluous to add yet another.
However, a wise friend once told me that to get through life successfully
and happily, it would be a good thing to always try and catch someone
doing something right. In this case, it wasn't difficult. Ed Tracy's team,
from the beginning of our professional relationship was supportive,
helpful, and most importantly...effective. My home was sold in a very
short period of time for a satisfactory price and with very little
disruption of my time and schedule. Ed Tracy's team did everything right
to effect fulfilment of a reasonable list of expectations. Well done.


Cliff Cassidy

Would highly recommend Ed

We would like to thank Ed Tracy and his team for their hard work, support
and advice during both the sale of one home and the purchase of another.
We bought a new home on the conditional sale of our current home. Ed and
his team had our house sold in two weeks which was a great relief to us.
It is easy to tell that Ed has a thorough understanding of the real estate
market and what must be done in order to sell your home. Both Ed and his
team were always very quick to respond to any questions or concerns we had
and updated us regularly on the progress of our listing. Ed was very open
to our suggestions and was willing to offer his advice to make sure we
were happy with both our home purchase and home sale. We would definitely
use Ed and his team again in the future and would highly recommend them to

Tyler and Amber Leach

Smooth selling experience

My husband and I were taking a military posting back east, and upon the
recommendation of a fellow military co-worker decided to interview Ed
Tracy as a potential realtor for the sale of our home. From the moment Ed
entered our home, to the moment we signed the purchase agreement,
everything was above our expectations. Whenever we called Ed, he was
prompt in returning our calls and always had an answer for us. His entire
team was very organized courteous and professional. His home feedback
internet tool was exactly what we were looking for in a communications
plan. His comprehensive statistical analysis allowed us to always know
what the potential buyers were commenting on and it provided valuable
feedback as a seller. To put the period on this sentence... Our home sold
for OVER ASKING! Need I say more? Thank you Ed and for a job well done and
an exceptionally smooth selling experience.

Many thanks.

Flo & Mark Wilson

The house was sold before my expectation!

Whenever I want to sell or buy a house and wherever I am I always contact
Ed Tracy because I know I can count on him to make it happen according to
plans. When I came back from an overseas trip in March I wanted to sell
the house recently vacated by the tenants. I wanted to have the house sold
before the start of summer so that I could move on. Based on my previous
experience with Ed Tracy I just called him because I knew he will have the
plan for me. And the house is sold before my expectation. This is all due
to Ed's professional expertise, objective approach, and comprehensive
study of the real estate market.

Many thanks for the job well done.

Tanveer Ahmed

I would certainly recommend Ed

Ed Tracy provides very professional and courteous service. He was very
knowledgeable about the market in my neighbourhood. I received feedback
after every showing, so I knew what potential buyers thought of my home.
Ed and his team were prompt in responding to any of my questions or
concerns. I would certainly recommend Ed Tracy when you want to list sell
your home.

Tricia Connor and A.J. Connor

The best choice

When we first decided to put our house on the market we started looking
for the very best person we could find to sell our property and we decided
that you were the best choice. We were so happy with the results. Many
thanks to you and your efficient and friendly staff for making what could
have turned into a stressful situation into a calm and reassuring

Best wishes,

Billie and Jim Mitchell.

When we sell our next house, we’ll call Ed Tracy

The rules for the real estate market are changing, and the homeowner who
is trying to get the best price for his home needs to have an agent that
understands these new rules, and can effectively work the market on behalf
of his client. We needed to sell our house quickly and called several
agents. When Ed Tracy came by, and told us what we needed to do to get the
best selling price, we were sold….on Ed Tracy. No B.S., “just do it, and
your house will sell!” In 3 days, we had 5 showings and 3 offers. The
offer we accepted fell through, it went back on the market, and in came 4
more offers….this time the one we accepted went through, at MORE than we
listed it for. When we sell our next house, we’ll call Ed Tracy.

Thanks Ed and team.

Ed & Lorraine Lynch

Sold our home in less than 3 weeks

We would like to thank Ed Tracy for his exceptional service. My husband
and I wanted to sell our house and Ed Tracy had our home sold before the
sign even went on the lawn! Ed had a serious buyer interested in our home.
Not only did he sell our home in less than 3 weeks, he helped us find our
new home. Thanks Ed.

Don and Helen Belknap

Easy to understand plan and well researched statistics

Ed’s knowledge of the real estate market is equally matched by his honest
and dedication towards his clients. He laid everything out for us with an
easy to understand plan and well researched statistics. Ed understands his
clients needs and is an attentive listener.
He was always very professional and ensured that every detail was
performed in a timely manner. We are very pleased with the outcome of our

Rosanne & Paul Antunes

We're dealing with a pro!

Finding a good real estate agent can be a bit of a gamble. Ed Tracy takes
the risk out of this gamble through his professionalism and sound business
planning. His presentation in our first meeting made us realize we're
dealing with a pro. He gave us straight forward advice with confidence and
provided us with the information we needed to make sound decisions. I am a
military member and Ed was well versed in all aspects of the RLRS. From
the moment I contacted Ed's website he was immediately available to meet
our needs. Ed, you are a consummate professional and we thank you for the
quick sale of our house. We only wish you worked in Ottawa too so you
could help us buy our next house.

Jon and Wendy Russell

Great experience!

We initially put our house on the market with another agent and after
nearly 3 months were unsatisfied with the results. In hindsight that agent
told us what we wanted to hear and placed too much emphasis on a poorly
defined marketing plan. At the same time his company's much-touted viewer
feedback system proved to be a dud, returning zero feedback to us due to
lack of follow-up with showing agents. As Ed walked us through his plan
his experience became immediately evident. He was professional in his
approach and refrained from commenting on our previous agents activities.
Nevertheless, we were easily able to identify where that agent and his
company faltered. Ed was quick to return calls and his staff regularly followed up with showing agents to ensure timely feedback was provided after each showing. Within 3 weeks of meeting with Ed we had 17 showings, 4 offers and a sold sign on the lawn. Too bad
we didn’t list with him from the beginning… Thanks Ed!

Rick and Debbie

Give Ed Tracy a call

My Fiancée and I had our home on the market for a while and were
unsuccessful with most of the process...few showings...lack of
interest...poor feedback. We pulled it off of the market and did some
re-evaluating and asking around and this is when we kept hearing "Give Ed
Tracy a call". We heard this from a few friends and even my father who is
retired from Real Estate. Following everyone’s advice, we gave Ed a call,
along with a few other agents. We went through the process and when Ed
showed up he delivered a very impressive presentation which was based on
fact...and he had the numbers to prove it. We were happy with what he
showed us and listed with him the next morning. We had a ton of showings
in the weeks that followed and received prompt feedback on 99% of them. To
make a long story short, Ed sold our home for a price we were happy with
and saved us from a major debt and a huge headache. He is very calm and
methodical in his approach and his results speak for it. We are moving out
of the area but if anyone from Barrie needs to sell with confidence they
should give Ed and his Team a call. You will be happy you did.

Geoff Johnson and Kim Doiron

Sale was completed in a matter of days

I have found Ed Tracy and his team to be effective and efficient with good
advice and a true sense of the local market. I have bought several
properties with Ed's help and now have sold one - and that sale was
completed in a matter of days!! I would recommend Ed to anyone considering
a real estate transaction in the Barrie area.

Judy McLeod

Gladly recommend Ed and his team

We had to sell our house fast and in today's housing market we were a
little leery. It was our first time selling a house and we didn't know
anything about it. We met Ed Tracy and he assured us our house would sell
quickly if we took his advice. We did the things Ed suggested, and 16 days
later we were signing papers for the closing of our house. We were so
happy everything went according to the plan that Ed had set out. Ed and
his team helped us all the way through the process. We will gladly
recommend Ed and his team to anyone who is selling. We wanted the job done
and Ed did it.

Mike & Laurie

Exceeded our expectation

We recently had the need to sell our home. With good fortune, we invited
Ed Tracy to visit the property and share his thoughts with regard to
pricing the property. Not only was Ed very professional in his timely
response, but also extremely knowledgeable about our area, recent sales
activity on our street, and the general real estate market conditions at
that time. Ed provided a detailed overview of his team approach and the
activity plan for the sale of the property. He explained the process of
the constant feedback that we could expect, and how beneficial this
information would be as we proceeded to the ultimate sale of the home.
(This was not the typical real estate process that we had experienced in
selling property in the past.) His knowledgeable advice helped us price it
right and the quick reaction from his team resulted in a sale in just six
days. The Ed Tracy Selling System exceeded our expectation, and we would
highly recommend his services. Thanks Ed.

Gail & Robert Garnett

So pleased with the services!

We currently were listed with another real estate agent for 5 months and
during that time, we had very few showings and very little feedback. We
decided to hire Ed Tracy for the job. We are so pleased with the services
that Ed Tracy and his team have provided us. Our home was listed for only
a few weeks and with 17 showings in such a short time, our house sold. We
thank Ed Tracy and his team for the great work and determination in the
selling of our home. Ed Tracy has an impressive communication system with
his clients, you are made aware at all times of the status, whether it is
a calendar of showings or constant feedback statements. We highly
recommend you hire Ed Tracy and his team. Thank you so much Ed and the

Jeff & Nicole Coulton

Highly recommend Ed and his team

We would like to say thank you to Ed and his wonderful team. Ed
immediately noticed all the wonderful selling features in our home and was
very confident that it would sell and at a good price. He was right on
both accounts. The instant feedback and weekly reports also helped take
some of the stress out of selling. I would highly recommend Ed and his
team to anyone interested in buying or selling a home. Once again thank

Suzanne and Michael

The whole experience was a memorable one

We thank you Ed Tracy and your team for the great job you did selling our
house and finding us a new home. The whole experience was a memorable one.
You and your team were always there, very professional, ready to answer
any questions. We were especially impressed with your honesty and the
feedbacks you provided to us. Thanks to you and your team. FANTASTIC!!

Rayad and Sharna

We were "kept in the loop" with Ed

Once we decided to sell our house the market was not at it's best. Our
first attempt with another real estate was not the best experience. Not
happy with this we did research and contacted Ed Tracy. Once listed with
Ed, we were receiving updates via phone and email, and bi-weekly reports.
We were "kept in the loop" with Ed. Thanks guys.

Brian Vanderstelt

Understanding and supportive

We were recently in a position where we had to sell our home and buy
another, in the middle of a very depressed market. Ed was not only
understanding and supportive, but his constant feedback helped us
understand what the market was saying about our home and neighbourhood,
and we were grateful we never had to speculate on what prospective clients
were saying. As our critical date drew closer, the guaranteed sale option
provided us with the opportunity to buy the new property that was going to
meet our needs and move forward. Without his support, we would still
likely be weighing out options and we would have missed the opportunity to
buy our new home. Many thanks to Ed, and his team!

Ed & Susan Enns

Guarantee of our home being sold

What attracted us originally to Ed Tracy's team was the Guarantee of our
home being sold, which gave us the freedom to search for another home,
worry free. Our home was listed and sold in two weeks. Ed and his team
were thorough in listing and marketing our home and also in evaluating
homes we were interested in purchasing. We would not hesitate to recommend
Ed Tracy and his team to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.

Bob and Nancy Walters

Friendly, professional service

We would like to sincerely thank Ed Tracy and his attentive staff for the
friendly, professional service they have provided to us with the selling
of our home. This was the third time in 7 years that Ed and his staff have
taken care of our transactions, as well as transactions for family. Each
time we have been more than satisfied with Ed’s competent and friendly
guidance, making the stressful time of selling a home a whole lot easier.
Thanks so much to Ed and his staff for all they have done.

Bert and Pat Boyd

Ed and his team kept us well informed

Ed's guarantee allowed us to negotiate from a strong position on our new
house and have peace of mind. Ed and his team kept us well informed with
the instant feedback e-mailed regarding showings and the weekly reports.
It allowed us to make informed discussions every step of the way. Thank
you so much!

Brian & Amanda Sproule

Response was immediate

We were very impressed with the communication received by both Ed Tracy
and his "TEAM". I directed all of my concerns to Matt and his response was
immediate. We received 95% of the asking price for our home for which I
was very satisfied in these hard economic times. The feedback sheets were
received every 2 weeks as promised by Ed. The stats on the number of
viewings by agents, the number of hits on the website for our property
etc. were all included in those stats. I would recommend Ed and his team
to anyone wishing to sell their home.


Sam & Nancy Hornung

Quickly and honestly

We are very happy with the services we received from Ed Tracy and his
team. Any questions and concerns were responded to quickly and honestly.
We would definitely recommend Ed to sell our home again and have
recommended his team to others.

Jodie & Mike Wraight

Very impressed

We have been very impressed with the Ed Tracy Team during the very short
time our home was up for sale. Ed's Team was extremely quick and thorough
replying to any questions or concerns we may have. The feedback system
from other agents showing our home was incredibly helpful and truly gave
us insight into what potential buyers were thinking. We were extremely
happy to have Ed Tracy Homes help out in the sale of our home. With only 3
showings and our house sold in 2 weeks, we could not be more pleased.
Thank you. We appreciate all of your support.


Brian & Michelle Edwards

Good approach and wealth of knowledge

After using a number of agents we were pleased with the service that was
provided by both Ed and Matt. As you can imagine, trying to sell a home in
this difficult economy was, at most times, very trying and disappointing.
Ed was able to reassure us with numbers that we could see and understand
what was happening. We feel, especially during these trying times, that Ed
has a good approach and also has a wealth of knowledge to make anyone more
comfortable when trying to sell their home.

Garry and Kim Laforge

Major League Closer!

Ed's marketing system, expertise, and real estate team will sell your
home. If Ed played baseball he would be a closer for sure!

Mike and Jacqui Scoretz

Home selling strategy

Ed Tracy does not make promises, he makes plans. His plans for the sale of
our house resulted in 13 showings of our home in the first week, 2 offers
in the second and a completed sale before we even reached week three. His
home selling strategy is something you can rely on to work.

Pat Bouffard

Able to sell your home

In these difficult times Ed Tracy was able to sell our home for a price we
could live with. Thanks.

Dave Brake

Sold within one month

We would like to express our thanks to the Remax Team/Ed Tracy Homes. The
service was very professional and courteous. This was our third try at
selling our home and it sold within one month. Thanks again for a job well

Willard and Deb Klauck

His experience and wisdom guided us through the toughest market

When we were selecting a realtor: we were looking for one who was
fulltime, had a proven track record, many house sales annually, familiar
with Barrie home builders and their record for quality, the Barrie market,
and an innovator in his service. In listing our home in early August we
selected Ed Tracy based on his professionalism and responsiveness to our
questions regarding his experience, and his knowledge of the Barrie
market. Ed took the time to fully explain his system and then guided us
through the process of preparing, pricing, and selling our house, and
buying another property. His experience and wisdom guided us through the
toughest market in the last 20-30 years. Ed makes a point of returning
calls promptly which is helpful when advice is required. We appreciated
his pricing, and property knowledge, and negotiation skills on our sale
and purchase. We recommend Ed Tracy to you.

Michael and Cherylle Dunne

Ability to market and sell

We were looking for a real estate agent in the Barrie area and came across
Ed's dvertising in the local paper. We had dealt with other agents in the
past however Ed's marketing approach appeared unique and we knew that
selling today was going to be more difficult due to the tough economic
times. Ed met with us, thoroughly outlined his strategy and we decided to
list with him. We were not disappointed. Even though the market seemed 
sluggish Ed continually changed his strategies and our house sold within
90 days. If you are looking for an agent with a different approach and
proven results talk to Ed, you will "sold" on his ability to market and
sell your property.

Mary Moreau

A positive experience

I recommend Ed highly to all my friends and family. He is a true
professional and watches out for your best interest. Ed has navigated me
through a number of house sells and purchases and has made them all a
positive experience.

Kim Dobney

A special treatment

COMMUNICATION is vital when dealing with your agent. Ed and his staff did
just this. We received regular up dates on what was happening with our
home, as well as regular "feed back" sheets which were very helpful. This
is the first time we have ever had this kind of special treatment. We knew
Ed was on the job, and we were not ignored. It was very easy to contact
him, and have him return our phone calls very quickly. I would highly
recommend you call Ed, and he will take good care of your needs. Special
consideration goes out to his assistant, Matt, who we found to be very

Len and Linda Snell

Sold the house fast!

With Ed Tracy's guaranteed sale program we were able to purchase our new
house knowing that that our house was sold. Ed showed us statistically
what our house would sell for and sold it house fast for 99.3% of the list
price. We would definitely recommend Ed Tracey's Home Selling System to
our friends. Thank you Ed for all your efforts.

Mike and Faye Dejean

Got my offer in the first two weeks!

To sell my first home, I choose Ed Tracy because of his personal approach
and comprehensive program. Having already purchased a home in another town
and under pressure to close in less than 2 months, Ed presented various
selling options and responded to my needs promptly. Within two weeks I
received my first offer and shortly therafter finalized the sale for more
than 99% of the list price and with the close date that I needed. Not only
was Ed personally available when I needed him, his team was professional,
responsive… simply top notch! I’ve already recommended Ed and his team
numerous times and have no hesitation recommending him to anyone who is
thinking of selling or buying a home. Thank you Ed and team!

Catherine Van Leipsig

Gave us peace of mind

Ed Tracy’s “Home Selling Program” gave us piece of mind about our new home
purchase. We went ahead and purchased a new home before selling our
existing home. To buy before you sell is a scary thing to do and we didn’t
want to end up owning two homes. Ed’s program took all the worry out of it
when he explained how his program worked. We couldn’t believe there was a
risk free way to buy and sell your home. Ed was able to sell our home for
98% of our asking price. Job well done Ed. Thank you and thanks to the
advertisement that brought your program to our attention.

Andrew and Freida

An edge in the marketplace

As an investor, I am always looking at how I can get the edge in finding
properties and analyzing them before they reach the general public. Ed
Tracy’s VIP Buyer program has allowed me to purchase several properties in
the Barrie area over the last year, often before other Realtors even know
about them. The advance notification system alerts me when a property
comes up that fits my profile, enabling me to act promptly when a good
deal comes along. I would highly recommend Ed's program to anyone looking
to find an edge in the marketplace.


Stress was taken away

They say that selling and buying a home can be one of the most stressful
things to do, (which we found at the time of selling it could become very
stressful) but with you as our agent and with the help of your staff some
of that stress was taken away.

Communication is the key when dealing with your agent. We would definitely
recommend Ed Tracy and his team, they quickly returned our phone calls and
answered any questions we had. Thank you Ed for all your efforts. Special
consideration goes out to Ed’s team member for helping us choose another
home to buy. He kept in mind our preferences and location (even though we
changed the location a couple of times). He showed us a few homes that
matched what we were looking for and helped us make a decision on which
home was good for us. We will certainly recommend Ed Tracy and his team to
anyone we know looking for a Real Estate Agent!

Jason and Tracey Smith

Sold guaranteed

Thanks very much for the last six weeks. We spent a great deal of time
interviewing agents before choosing you and we're very glad that we did.
We were always able to get one of you (the team) on the phone to answer
questions, and while the whole process of
getting to the final sale was taking place, we were confident that we
would find the right buyer and be able to move to our new house in time.
Having the 'sold guaranteed' option was a big attraction for us. Thanks to
your whole team for cementing the deal in a short time.

Chris and Crysta Giles

I would definately recommend Ed Tracy to anyone

We would like to thank Ed for helping us to sell our home. We always knew
that our home would sell, but with Ed Tracy's Guaranteed Sale Program it
definately put our minds at ease. We went with Ed's recommendations and
according to his marketing plan our home sold within a month, and we got
100% of the asking price. I would definately recommend Ed Tracy to anyone
who was buying or selling a home. We can't wait to move into our new home.

Ed & Marcia Danko

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