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A veteran realtor with a knack for creating opportunities, Ed Tracy has been an integral part of the RE/MAX community for nearly 40 years. Born and raised in Ireland, Ed entered the industry in 1984, during an era of tumultuous 13% interest rates that skyrocketed to a remarkable 21%.

Despite the ups and downs of the Real Estate Market, Ed's dedication and resilience have helped shape the landscape of residential properties and land development while helping to make some investors into millionaires. 

Ed is a proud supporter of the Children's Miracle Network, dedicating a portion of each commission to further this noble cause for over three decades. For Ed, the Real Estate business is about more than housing; it's very much about humanity.

In a fast-paced world where technology, contracts and legislation are fundamentally altering the transaction process for the better, Ed firmly believes in the human touch. He approaches every client with respect, honesty, and without any undue pressure, creating relationships built on trust—just like the good old days when a handshake was sufficient.

Ed expects to continue serving both old and new clients with the same zeal and dedication. After all, for Ed Tracy, Real Estate isn't just a profession — it has, and continues to be, a lifelong passion.


Ed Tracy
Ed Tracy
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